With our solution EasyCall.Center, your call center is in the cloud. No infrastructure, no investement, no server, no software nor phone. A simple browser is all you need, and within a few minutes, you'll access the technology of a state of the art call centre.


Connect with a plain browser

You just need a recent version of Chrome or Firefox for our solution to work - and a headset, of course ! No need to have extra software, add ons, plugins or whatsoever, no need for admin rights on your computer. Agents only start their browser, and here they are, ready to work and process calls. No more worries with IT asset management.

And this ease of use is precious when agents work remotely, from another site or from their home.


Screen Pop - Automatic

Just configure for your queue which URL should open when a call comes in or is placed. And automatically, for each call, the web page of your choosing will pop up, either to guide the agent with the customer interaction, or to capture the information. And the URL is popped with the phone number called (or calling), the agent id, and the direction of the call (in/out). And all this can be configured and tailored to interact more.


CRM Gateway

Thanks to the screen pop, the gateway with your CRM is simple. For each call, your CRM gets the calling/called number, the direction of the call, and the id of the agent processing the call. Of course, on demand, we can develop an IVR to interact with the caller, and prompt for instance, for a file reference, or any other info, to maximize your agent performance.


Automatic Dialer

You have a batch of contacts to call ? Load them via an excel spreadsheet in our dialer, choose the queue that will process them, and the calls start going out. Your agents phones start ringing as if they were incoming calls, optimizing the operation time, saving them the time to dial.


Queues: Management, Priorities, Skills

Together, we'll define the call queues for your activity. You assign priorities, based on your rules, you define the skills of your agents, so the call are handled by the most suitable agents for each contact.


Flexible Pricing

The price is eaxctly tailored to your needs, and the number of agents. No tiers, threshold effect of investement if your capacity increases - or decreases. You pay just for what you use each month.


Worldwide interconnection

We are backed by a telecom operator, and can offer you competitve rates to the whole world. You can call anywhere, at the best price. Call to Europe, France, UK, USA, Caribbean, Latin America, Africa... every destination will have the possible price.